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Welcome to London If you study at the University of Surrey it is one train ride away to Waterloo which is the other side of this bridge Once you get to Waterloo you have access to the London Eye here You have Big Ben getting fixed over there You have the Houses of Parliament the Secret Service building and then if you swing back to me you have the financial district and you have a beautiful view and the boats that you can take tours of London on They're not that busy or expensive I would recommend them Join me in the video where I'm going to show you sightseeing parts of London.

I'm going to show you some museum clips and I'm also going to give you 3 price points where you can eat in London whether you're on a budget would like to enjoy a meal or want to come to London just for the food.

A train ride away, Waterloo is an amazing place to go and have fun One of my favourite things once you get off at Waterloo is to use the bus, not the tube First of all it can be cheaper but secondly you get to see beautiful sights like this that's the super secret spy building over there and then we have the London Eye behind us, the Houses of Parliament Big Ben, which is covered up at the moment and then on this side we have the financial district over there so that's why I love taking the bus sometimes you can get if you're tourists if you're an international student you might want to ride a double-decker bus I don't know it's quite a London thing to do we've got revamped buses that were made a few years ago that are quite good fun, the old-fashioned ones that are brand new and yes so tip number one is travel on the bus not the tube if you have a short journey because you get to see more of London Here as you can see we are in Trafalgar Square which is a 15-20 minute bus ride from Waterloo which you saw before and a great way to see the city before you get here.

If we pan across, we’ll see the National Art Gallery which I love. Usually, it has one of my favourite paintings in the world But it’s traveling currently so hopefully by the time you come to Surrey you’ll be able to see it I forgot what it’s called but it’s by George Stubbs and it’s a massive, massive horse I’ll insert a picture here Ok, so come with me and have a look at what you can see in the art gallery So now just 9 minutes away in this direction after the National Gallery we’re going to Piccadilly Circus which is famous for shopping, big brands and also for street performances It’s also famous for its theatres very close to Leicester Square We have movie premieres in Leicester Square.

Oh! And there is the Hard Rock Cafe There are 3 Hard Rocks in London and one of them is where we are going. We're just outside the theatre that holds the Phantom of the Opera which is one of the most famous musicals in London at the moment.

the others would be Wicked and The Book of Mormon Do check online for tickets There's some really good ticket advice that I can give you in the description but yes this is where we have the Phantom of the Opera.

Here we have one of the Hard Rock Cafes I believe this is one of the stores that has the biggest Hard Rock Cafe shop in the world Also the first one ever built was in London I'll let you know which one it was in the description Let's have a look at what they have to offer.

Here we have The Comedy About a Bank Robbery which is a very funny play that was made by the people who did The Play that goes Wrong It’s quite famous here in London and I would recommend it if you just want to have a laugh.

We have one of the founders of theatrical entertainment of the U.K. here: William Shakespeare And over here we have the modern version of this. This is an Odeon Luxe which means you get massive seats with reclining chairs and you can order some fine wines and beers if you want a bit more of a luxury experience at the cinema Here we're in Apple Market (Covent Garden) where you can find lots of local sellers with homemade products and you can also find some cute, niche boutiques and there is food later on as we go in As you can see from this sign sourdough pizza from £5 This is our mid-range option which is called Franco Manca it has really really cheap pizzas and you can customize them adding ingredients that you like if you have any allergies it's quite good like that because they have a base that you start from and you top up so you can spend as little or as much or as you like in Franco Manca Okay so for our highest price point we have a two Michelin star restaurant called The Greenhouse which is in Mayfair it looks like it's a pocket of heaven.

I love it. We're going to go for 3 courses at £45 And then if you do want a couple of glasses of something with that then it's £60 but alcohol-free, £45 for 3 courses is not bad in a 2 Michelin star restaurant in the centre of London.

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